Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grace & Obie

Grace and Obie have started playing and interacting like real little kids. Obie will now actually play along with her games and ideas. Its pretty funny to watch. Today we were getting ready for nap time and as I walked in their room (they were sitting on their chairs) Grace says to Obie "I want you to be my wife." Obie sits there. Then Grace says "Obie I want you to be my wife." Well, as I walked in I heard this, smiled and said "I don't think that is going to work." Grace asks why not. So I tell her, "First Obie is a boy so he can't be your wife, and second you can marry you brother." She says that she really wants to. I asked her why and she stated "because he already knows how to dance." I guess dancing is important on her priority list. I told her maybe when she got older she could find a man who wasn't her brother and could dance. She said, "well Obie already knows how so I want to marry him." I guess we will have to work on this. Just so you know he knows how to dance but he will rarely dance with her. . .If you ask him he can show you ballet dancing and tap dancing. He also has a Cinderella dance (where he also sings) and he has pulled out some break dancing moves the past couple of days. Quite impressive. . .

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