Friday, September 18, 2009

How to make a little kid happy. . .the cheap way.

We were in desperate need of sippy cups so after work I went to Target to get some to those cheap-o plastic toss and go sippy cups. We use them for juice and milk so their Kleen Kanteen cups and valves don't get all gross. Anyways, here is what I picked and surprised the kids with this morning. . .

-Cheap O cups with princesses and Elmo on them.
-two pair of dollar princess socks and two pair of sesame street dollar socks (the dollar section is great)
-a pack of bright colored small plastic bowls

When the kids woke up I told them there was a surprise downstairs. Grace ran down and started looking everywhere. I told her it was in the kitchen and then revealed the new goods. Grace and Obie were so excited about the cups. The couldn't wait to get some milk in them. Then the socks were the biggest hit. All for $4. Grace had a pair on her feet and wanted to wear the other pair so she put them on her hands. Obie wasn't so creative. He just wanted both pairs on his feet so he got two socks per foot. Grace said thank you more times then I could count. The was definitely $4 well spent.

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