Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pregnancy 3

(I promise . . .this is a pillow. . . I won't be that happy at 40 weeks)

So with this being our third kid, its no longer for sure I'll ever be pregnant again. We have always thought we would probably like 3-4 kids and we are almost in the category. So with that being said I have to admit I haven't always, well I've never been good at documenting my pregnancies. I always had reason to not take pictures. . .in the beginning I just felt fat and like there wasn't anything to see and in the end well. . .I was fat. . .Ha! 50 pounds will do that to you. Last time I didn't take any pictures until 20 weeks. . .So since this might be the last I thought I should document. . .no mater how ugly it might become. . .just so you know, I really don't feel that bad about the how pregnancy body, weight gain thing. . .it happens and will unhappen, but if you have been pregnant before you know that after you have the baby you probably look back and think WOW, I looked like that! (whether it be good or bad) Anyway, I'm going to document. . .hopefully.


Margaret said...

Seems strange to hear that you might never be pregnant again. But what can I say we only had 2! You look great!!

Juanita said...

You look really great.