Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pee Pee Cup #4

Grace finished her antibiotics on Monday so today we went in for her to be retested and make sure everything was cleared up. . .it wasn't. They said it looked like she still had some of the infection and if she did go on a different type of antibiotic it would come back. . .OK. Makes since. Well they gave her a new prescription, along with two samples and a $40 coupon. . .which I thought was weird. If the coupon was for $40 how much was this medicine going to cost. Well we take it in, get it filled and the lady said it was $30. . .wow. . .$30. We never have prescriptions or go to the pharmacy but I felt like 10 days of medicine and $30 was a lot. When I actually paid, I was charged $10. Not so bad. I can handle that. . .well when I started looking at the bag it stated how much the medicine costs without insurance and how much my insurance saved me. It was unbelievable. It said the medicine cost $302.99!!!!! Can you believe that!?!?!? Do people really have to pay that?!?!?! I can't imagine! I immediately felt thankful for my little $10 copay. . .but I just can't believe people have to pay that, not to mention they can charge that.


Jessica said...

i's pretty crazy some of the prices for meds

Juanita said...

It's crazy.I had some medicine and it is around $350.00 without insurance.Your Grandma Poole has some of here's is more than that I think.