Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing sounds good for long. . .

First it was cheese. . .you know those red circle baby bell cheeses. . .and then it was tortilla chips and salsa. . .and then it switched to Lays potato chips and onion dip stuff. . .so then I thought I should get healthy so I had some red grapes. Oh yeah, and on the way to work there was a granola bar. I think I'll end the day with a vitamin. . .since my diet wasn't so well rounded.

Oh on a better note, I did cook dinner tonight. Smells are killing me. Everything stinks, like really stinks so I haven't been cooking dinner since I'm repulsed by the food when it is done. . .but tonight I made quiche, crust and all. I put it in the oven as I went to work and didn't even have to smell it.

I also think I'm getting some energy back. I didn't take a nap on Sunday or today. Today I even cleaned a bit. It was pretty bad. Kids are growing out of clothes, toys and dishes were everywhere, and I think every laundry basket I had had clothes that needed to be put away it them. We tackled the too small clothes. . .as I did that Grace stole my coin jar, dumped all the coins everywhere and them her and Obie filled piggy banks and then emptied them. They also took a few of my full laundry baskets and turned them into empty boats. . .and they enjoyed it. I enjoyed hearing Row Row Row Your Boat. . .but I didn't enjoy the mess multiplying. I got the dishes under control, wiped down Obie's highchair that was covered who knows what. Even the back was sticky. How does that happen? I also got the living room and dinning room under control. That makes sitting on the couch so much more relaxing. Anyways, that was my day. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting. We'll see.

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