Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be Honest. . .what do you think. . .I won't cry.

So a while back I got these pants. . .I haven't ever worn them but these days I'm desperate for clothes. . .and they weren't dirty (like everything else) and they somewhat fit so I wore them. Mike also can't lie. . .like its pretty much impossible for him. . . he is so unconvincing. So I put them on and he says, I like your pants. Later he asked me where I got them. . .which followed with another I like them. I know Mike. I thought he must not like them. . .or maybe he did but he didn't like them on me. . .or there was something else to the pants so I started bugging him. After much nagging he fesses up and says he thinks they looked flashy and stand out. He said he likes flashy shirts more than flashy pants. . .I have another pair of bright green pants he is also unsure of. . .and tries to pretend they aren't so bad. So anyways, I thought the opposite of the pants. I would describe them as conservative and anything but flashy. . .so here is my question. Are the pants bad? Are they flashy? Do they need to be put to death and taken to the Goodwill? Be honest, its OK. They aren't my favorite or anything, I just need and outside opinion. So let me know.

[Michael's addendum: I said I liked them but I needed to get used to them.]


The Taylors said...

I love them. I would wear them! Very cute. I love the picture of all of you together too ;)

Margaret said...

I don't think they are flashy at all. Think they look nice on you especially with that cute top. What about his "orange" pants are they flashy?

Jennifer said...

haha, good point mom!! mikey has orange pants - now those are flashy.

stephanie, i really like those pants. i think they are cute and summery and not flashy at all. they are striped, yes, but pretty neutral. i think they look really great on you. also, you look pretty happy wearing them - and personally i think that is the most important.

i like them and give them two thumbs up.

p.s. i told you this should be a fashion blog!! look how many comments you are getting!! :)

Jennifer said...

also, your hair looks really good. you are positively glowing!! haha, it must be due to pinky.

kate said...

I agree with everyone else. They don't seem flashy at all to me. Flashy would be sequins and bedazzlement, not these normal stripe-y pants. I say wear them if you like them and they make you feel comfortable. They look nice on you. :) And I agree, you are glowing! (But not cuz of the pants, lol.)