Friday, May 8, 2009

I Might Just Lose It!

Ok, so let me start at the beginning. Wednesday night Grace was going to bed. Mike, Obie and her were ready book and Grace stands up, pulls up her PJs and pees...right there on the FLOOR! Grace has not had any accidents for the longest time. She always goes on the potty and if for some reason she messes up its because she has waited to long to go. Its been months since and accident. . .and this sure seemed intentional. But since this was totally out of the blue and Mike was in total surprise she took her to the bathroom, delt with the mess and carried on with going to bed. Now yesterday she starts running around saying she needs to go potty. I told her to go (she totally knows how to do it herself). All of a sudden, she stands on the carpet, pulls up her dress, half squats and pees. . .no little pee a huge one. I was so mad. So today, I was putting Obie down for a nap. A I'm coming down the steps I go to pick up Grace and her legs feel a little damp. I then notice the puddle and trail on the steps. I couldn't believe it. I don't know if I should be furious at her and beat her (not really) or if I should not make a big deal about it and go on with my buisiness. Any suggestions, because to be honest I wanted to hurt the little bugger. Sh has also has been refusing to take naps. . .which kills me, because at this point in my life that is all I want. . .onto something a little brighter for today. . .and its not the weather. . .I made the most yummy tea every. Its a nice tall class of peach black tea, over ice and mmmmm so sweet. Its great, maybe it will keep me going and also keep a little child named Grace alive one more day. (Don't worry, I really do love her, but boy does she know how to say exactly what I don't want to hear, do exactly what I don't want her to do and go exactly where I don't want her to go. )


Sarah said...

Maybe this is just the teacher in me (you know, because I'm not a parent), but could it be time to break out a sticker/reward chart for every time she goes the way she's supposed to?

The Taylors said...

You are hilarious! I would be way past my limit as well! I don't really have any advice...definitely not at that stage yet, but I feel for you. I also loved the "police story" if you run around naked! I was cracking up reading that. You are awesome!