Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Michael's song of the week retry

I apologize to all of who who are eagerly anticipating a new song. I was trying to resolve a technical issue which prevented many of my listeners from being able to listen to the entire song. I believe this was because the service I was using where the songs were hosted was preventing i.p. addresses outside the U.S. from accessing the full song. Hopefully now it will work. So please try again and let me know if you can hear the entire song. And after you have listened to the entire song, comment. Or if you were not able to listen to the entire please let me know. (There are actually 2 songs, so if you are inclined to be especially interactive let me know if you can hear both of them.) I am again posting Fleurs du Mal by Sarah Brightman as the 1st song. It is still a great song.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Hey Michael,
We love the song!! We heard the whole song this time. powerful and beautiful. Mom and Dad