Thursday, March 5, 2009

Game Time

Mike got a new board game for Christmas. . .exciting and fun you might think. . .well I'm not sure just yet. He convinced me to play it with him Saturday night. I felt bad, he has been carrying the rule book around with him trying to figure out the rules. So I played. It was complicated. Had way to many pieces, and could potenually take forever. The game is Axis and Allies. I pretty much won. I conquered two of his cities (that was our goal), and he wasn't too happy with that. . .but I played so he could complain. The game might be ok. . .and maybe a little fun. . .but I can't admit that to him or he might want to start playing every Saturday night. Several years ago we got on a Monopoly kick. We played every night. Yep. Just the two of us. We were boarder lame but it was still pretty fun. I don't know if I could have an Axis and Allies kick just yet. We'll see.


Jennifer said...

haha, that is funny that mike got you to play that with him!! looks a bit intense! would love to get away and see you guys... i am very stressed and having a nervous breakdown over my dissertation just about. will come see you in june though!! yey!!

jennifer said...

Axis and allies is apparently supposed to be amazing. I am definitely up for playing when we come visit this summer!


The Bannon Clan said...

Good your up for it because any one who comes to visit is going to have to play. New house rule.

Michael said...

Uh Oh, I hope the house rules will change by April when we get there. Sounds pretty intimidating! But even if they are still the rules, I can't wait to see you all. Just hope I win (-;
Love, Mom