Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lovely Weekend

Grace and Miriam in the chair. They stayed in this chair, just like this for at least 45 minutes. They claimed to be at the doctor because the baby was sick. Grace read and sang. . .and Miriam comforted the baby. Hugs. . .lots of hugs.
Mostly happy. . .I think this was right before Miriam had had enough.

Bath time with whopping 4 kids in the tub.

Breakfast on morning.

So the Hopson's have come and gone. We had a great time. They got here on Thursday night, so Saturday our fun began. . .well for Sara and I. We went shopping, and left the two boys with four kids. . .they walked to the playground and put them down for naps. That evening we indulged in fondue. . .cheese and chocolate and played a little Rock Band. Saturday was rainy and cold so we decided the Science Center might be fun. . .well so did everyone else in Saint Louis. It was a little overwhelming and we didn't last long but we did make the attempt. Saturday night was Tanzanian Fish and Settlers of Catan. Sunday we woke up to snow. . .yeah. . .snow. Like 2 inches of snow. When they left in the afternoon it was back to being warm and sunny. Weird. Anyways are time was great. The girls have a blast with each other and we caught Obie and Sofia holding hands a few times. It was very cute. We weren't so good with taking pictures, but here are a few we managed to take. We had a very exciting, chaotic, sleepless, full weekend. Thank you Hopson's for making the trip down.

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Sarita said...

Hey! What's this about the weather being warm right after we leave!?
Next time it better behave 'cause we want to go to the river and play in the sand! =)
By the way...hope your kids don't get sick 'cause Miriam has had a fever all day. UGH.
miss you guys.