Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100% Girl &100% Boy

Here is my girl with her tutu. . .she couldn't get anymore pink; and then there is Obie. Snacks and a recycle bin. What more do you need. He walked around with is snack cup and played with his bin all afternoon.

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Jennifer said...

i feel your pain. i also have a crazy week. but, my dissertation and a piece of coursework is due in on friday morning. so once i hand that in i will be a free girl!! well... for the rest of friday and saturday at least. (then i am back to work sun/monday and have a presentation next friday... but am trying not to focus on that). also, friday afternoon i am getting my hair cut (to shed the memory of my dissertation) and have ordered a celebration cake to have with some friends. i also can NOT wait until friday!! will update the blog after that... because nothing interesting has been going on lately! xx