Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Miriam and Grace. The whole bunch.
The Hopsons.
Miriam and Grace in matching P.J.s.
I gave Obie a bucket with five blackberries in it to play with. . .after a few minutes I checked on him and he had eaten all of them and was covered in the remains.

What a weekend! I love three day weekends. We started it a little early. . .the Hopsons came down Thursday night with their little ones. Miriam who just turned 2 and Sophia who is 4 months. What a group. Have you ever tried getting 4 old friends, 2 toddlers and 2 infants ready and loaded in the car. . .its a job in itself. We had a blast. . .even with the mass amounts of chaos. Sara and I shopped and found super good deals, the boys babysat, we went to the farmers market, ate Gus's pretzels, went to the playground, played settlers, ate cheese and chocolate fondue outside in the dark, stayed up late, picked black berries, peaches and apples and just had fun. It was great and a weekend to remember. Here is a peek in at our wonderful weekend.

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