Sunday, September 21, 2008

9 month doctor visit. . .

So Friday was doctor day for Obie. Here is what we found out:
18 lbs. 6 oz. (20%)
29 inches (75%)

Everything is going well with him. No major problems. Grace got a new flu shot thingy that isn't really a flu shot. They actually spray something up each nostril and is suppose to help her not get the flu or for 1 year. We'll see about that. Then since our house is old we had to get them tested for lead which is no easy task. We headed down to the lab not knowing what to expect. We ended up having to get blood drawn from both little guys. They didn't know what was coming to them. They drew it from their arm. Even with Obie. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world. After the screaming and crying was down. Grace ended up with a lolipop, Obie got a stuffed bear and I got drips of Graces blood down my pants. There was one funny part throughout the mess. Instead of putting a cottonball with a bandaide on Grace'a arm they wrapped a purple sticky guaze thing around it. That way it didn't hurt when we took it off. Anyways as soon as Grace say it she started yelling through her sobbs "Like the doggy! Like the doggy!" As she was yelling this she was pointing at the bandage. I think the nurses (and there were a lot of them) thought she was crazy. I soon realized that we have a book about a dog that goes to the vet and gets a bandage on his leg and thats what she was talking about. She was pretty excited to get to match the doggy and get a pink lolipop.

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Rantipole15 said...

Ugh...poor babies. :( That's really funny about Grace's reaction, though! Oh--pretty sure Obie is taller than Brahm is right now. I have a short fat son. :)