Monday, September 22, 2008

Balloon Race

What a bunch. Mike wasn't impressed with the ears. He thought they were dumb and wouldn't get a third pair for himself. I ended up wearing Obie's since Grace insisted.
Grace like the bunny's flip flops.
If Obie touches something, Grace has to touch it too.
And they're off!
This weekend we went to the balloon race. We usually go to the balloon glow which is the night before, but we were too tired and didn't want to fight the crowds. It was pretty fun. We saw sky divers, trampoline jumper people and a bunch of dogs. The balloons were pretty cool too. Can you guess who sponsered the event?


Jonathan, Christina, Landon, and Jack. said...

dang!!! look at 'dem white wall tires!!! 'dat strolla' is blinged out!!!!

thebannonclan said...

HA! Its the best double stroller EVER!

Jonathan, Christina, Landon, and Jack. said...

who was your realtor? christina says you like him/her alot... could you email me his/her name to I have apparently lost any new email address that i may have had for you. Thanks. :)