Monday, November 2, 2009

Dream, Dream, Dream

The past two nights I've been sleeping better, which is so nice. The only weird thing was Saturday night I had a weird dream. I saw our baby. . .through my stomach. This baby moves a lot. . .a lot. . .a lot. The way it moves is also more painful then how Grace or Obie moved. So anyways, in my dream I dreamed it was stretching outwards and flipping over. Because it was pushing out so hard it made my skin stretch and get really thin. . .so thin I could see through it. (so weird yes I know) Anyways, as if was flipping I pulled up my shirt and I could see the back of its head. . .it was covered with dark hair around the sides and the top was a little thin (I remember thinking this kids going to need some hats), then because of the flipping I could see its face. It had a little head and looked dark, I realized with was still doing its flip so I quickly asked Mike if we should keep looking to see what it was, its butt was coming up, and I looked. It was a boy. I was so excited. Mike wasn't sure what to say. He was a little in shock that he could see through my belly. In my dream I still had several weeks left but it made me so anxious to have the baby be born. The whole dream was a little bizarre. . .really bizarre. It did make me excited in real life to see what we are going to have though. . .just a little bit longer.


Margaret said...

Have you told Miss Grace yet? Maybe you better start preparing her for a little brother.

the style crusader said...

i love this dream! that is so crazy stephanie. it if IS a boy then that truly was a prophetic dream. either you've got the gift, or grace does... we'll have to see which of you is right!