Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8:48 a.m.

so far. . .
Obie has woken up with his first black eye. . .pictures to come.
He snuck downstairs
found a yellow marker
decorated his face
& a small portion of the couch
got growled at
threw a pillow, hit my coffee and splattered it

gave me a hug
shared his yellow (blanket) with Juma
petted Lily so kindly while cocking his head to the side
read several books with his sister
turned off the tv
begged me to read him a book
let me change his diaper without putting up a fight.

I love Obie.


jennifer said...

this is so funny. i can't wait to see photos. i love obie too... actually the whole inglis household loves obie. just so you know.

Fred said...

this is definitely true, I also think obie is sooo funny (in a good way). But we also like Grace and the new baby, as well.

Margaret said...

Can't wait to see the photos. Sounds like Obie is taking after his Aunt Jenny. When she was his age she always thought if there was a marker or crayon - she was suppose to draw on "EVERYTHING". Needless to say we had to keep all "markers-crayons-pencils-pens" out of sight. Obie is so funny and cute how can you not love him.

Michael said...

This is a great poem! Sorry to hear that Obie has a black eye. What happened to the little guy? Michael decorated our couch,too, when he was a todler. Only he used permanent black! Yellow sounds much better (-: Savor those hugs- can't get enough! I love Obie, too, and all of you sooooo much.
Mom B.