Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.

"Relaxing" on the couch. M' had just been crying so O' saved the day by quickly grabbing the pacifier and G' bounced the chair. It was some great team work on their part.

G' and O' showing M' some love.

Me at 4 a.m.

Ok. So I'm not totally obsessed or anything. Its not like we get up and stand in the lines in the freezing cold and wait for hours to get that one unbeatable deal, but we do get up while its still dark to get to the store right as they are opening. This morning we got up at 4am. . .which really isn't that big of deal considering we have a baby less then a week old. . .seems we are always up. . .jumped in to some clothes, made a cup of coffee and headed out. This year, my two cousins, my mom, M' and I participated in the madness. We hit up Target, Sams and Kohl's. Then picked up Mike and the other kids, went to McDonald's for breakfast and some playtime, then went to Toy's R Us. (Toy's R Us was the worst, just so you know) After that we headed home for some down time and Thanksgiving left overs. . .followed by a much needed nap for me. We were able to get some Christmas presents for some folks but definitely didn't walk out with any 40 inch TVs like everyone else in Target. Tomorrow is Christmas decorating day. We plan to go chop our tree down. . .yes, baby and all. . .and then come home, decorated, make some fudge and enjoy the day. So that's about all. . .there's my "for real" blog. . .hopefully more will follow.


the style crusader said...

so i tried to explain to someone about black friday... and they totally did not get why anyone would be at a store at 5am. i was like OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO BE THERE AT 5AM!!! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! they didn't get it... those brits have no drive, i guess that's why they needed us to win the war.

anyway. am so glad you guys are having lots of fun. and i love love love getting photos and hearing about what is going on. all i am doing (literally) in my life these days is writing and trying (TRYING....) to write essays. so i always appreciate the photos.

p.s. i love photos of obie giving mattia love.

kate said...

I'm just going to say it - you guys are HARD CORE!!! You just had a baby and were out already?? You're my hero and inspiration, Steph! I hope I recover as fast as you! And maybe we shouldn't hold off on getting a triplet stroller quite as long as I thought, seeing that maybe I'll get out of the house before the trips are 6 months old!