Thursday, April 9, 2009

Song retry

For those of you who attempt to listen to the music I have on here, first of all, I appreciate you. Secondly, I am sorry for the un-reliability due to your being outside of the U.S.. Finally, I think I have figured out how to post the song in a reliable way.

I will retry posting Nokta by Rachid Taha in a week or so. However for now, in light of this Sunday being Easter, I am posting He's Alive by Don Francisco. It is an old song, and my mp3 is poor quality, but it is a great song. Again, I would appreciate if you would listen to the song, and if you would post your opinion.


Margaret said...

Dad favorite "Don Francisco" he has been listening to him since we got married. We were able to hear it just fine.

Kara said...

i'm singing this one with my choir on easter morning! it's great! :)

Michael said...

Don Franciscos song is one of my favorites. Full of emotion--you can feel it in your soul. Dad