Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Plans vs. Theirs

So I had plans for nap time. I was going to clean up a bit, get dinner together, and then take a little snooze. Well it seems like the two little guys upstairs have other plans. . .especially the one named Obie. Every once in a while there is a long pause, no noise and I get I little bit of hope that my plans will come through but then it changes. . .blabbing, jumping, cups dropping and who knows what else. Sometimes it seems like there is way more then just one little boy who doesn't want to take a nap up there. Hopefully he will get tired and give up. . .but maybe not. I guess we'll see who give in first and waves the white flag of surrender. . .hopefully it won't be me.


Rantipole15 said...

I can completely and utterly relate to this. Good luck. :)

Margaret said...

So who gave in first? I can remember days like that and guess who was acting like this?