Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm sitting on the couch

and Grace is making her Little People talk. She has a farm, manger, and ark, along with people and animals to match. The farmer is missing and the animals are behind her fence. The angel is on top of the manger and all it well. . .and hilarious. This whole pretend thing is so funny to watch from the outside.

-Grace was a grump.
-Obie was a grump.
-The house has exploded.
-We are out of bread.
-The day got better.
-I got a nap today.
-Grace got a nap today.
-Obie is still sleeping.
-Its raining.
-Gymnastics tonight.
-Pancakes, eggs, kiwi and girlscout cookies for lunch.
-Photo CD done and sold.

Maybe tonight I'll add some picutres. . .until then.

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