Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Happening. . .not much.

Seriously, not too much to report. Mike has been busy with work. This week they had a big presentation so they had been preparing for that. I have been busy with my photography stuff. I have been trying to book sessions and get some more wedding experience. I have assisted with 2 and have two more to help with. G' has been doing well with school. Last night was her parent teacher conference. Her teacher didn't have one bad thing to say about here and didn't even give tell us areas she could improve. She stated she was exceptional several times. O' is also doing well. I have been enjoying the one on one time we get while G' is at school and M' naps. He is fully potty trained. . .even at night and he is getting better at talking all the time. M' is right on the verge of getting her top two teeth. She is learning her animal sounds. . .she is a great growler. . .and she loves to climb steps. Actually she loves to climb anything. Her and O' have great potential to get in trouble together. She loves playing with the water in the toilet. . .in fact I found her and O' playing in it the other day. Usually G' yells is M' goes near it but G' wasn't around.

(in these pictures G' and O' have paint splattered all over them. They were suppose to be finger painting and then O' discovered it was more fun to put paint on his hands and clap them together.)


the style crusader said...

thanks for posting pictures! they are looking bigger all the time! all these shots are so gorgeous stephanie. the first one of grace is so precious and i love the one of her and obie standing up together. they look like serious trouble. love and miss you guys! xx

Corrie said...

I love the pictures! The one of your son making a funny face is awesome! Great job.