Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Its back to us. . .just the 5 of us. Its been a busy past 1/2 months with family from both sides coming to visit, family reunions in states far away and long weekends filled with trips and fun.
Yesterday our last guest left. Today we woke up to a dark sky and chilly air. Our house is a wreck, the kids off schedule and there is not one to keep us company. Instead of sitting around moping we ventured off to the pumpkin patch. The clouds were dark and the wind strong. . .a great combination. This kept a good chunk of people away from the farm. Last year it was pure craziness. . .this year it wasn't too bad.


Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are wonderful and brought a hugh smile to my face. Had an AWESOME time and can hardly wait to come for another visit. Give everyone a hugh kiss and hug from us!

the style crusader said...

so beautiful stephanie! fred said that obie looks like a rapper in the first photo - because of his hands. xx

Michael said...

These are beautiful pictures. Stephanie, you are an amazing photographer. I love the pic with Grace and Obie throwing the hay in the air. Looks like such fun! And Mattia looks soooo cute! Such beautiful children. I am so blessed to be their grandma! I love you guys so much! Wawa