Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Field Trip

Tomorrow is Grace's first field trip. . .I signed up to go. I feel like this makes me a real parent now. Kid in school + field trip driver=real responsible parent. Hopefully. Anyways, wish me luck. . .Mom's make me nervous. :)


Margaret said...

Welcome to the club of "mom's with kids in school". Brings back so many memories. You have NOTHING to be nervous about. You are a AWESOME mom and they should be so blessed to have you as a mom. Have fun and tell Miss Grace we hope she has lots of fun! Can't wait to see some pictures! Love you! xoxoxoxo

Michael said...

I totally agree with Margaret! Don't be nervous around other moms. Enjoy the camaraderie! They know what you are going through! You are an awesome mom. Hey, what are Obie and Mattia going to do without you while you are on the field trip? Too bad they can't join you. (Or maybe not) Anyway, hope you and Gracie have a great time. Love you, Wawa