Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piggy, Lion, & Snow White

Tonight started a bit ruff. G' got her finger stuck in the back door. . .it was quite traumatic. After we finally got over that she had a blast. . .O' did pretty well too. He managed to only fall 5 times. He tripped twice and fell down a few stairs 3 times. He spent the last half of the night laying down in the wagon eating candy. I asked him what he was doing at one point and he told me he was being a goofball. M' also did a really good job. Even though it was late and cold she stayed pretty happy. The kids filled their bags and enjoyed digging through it once we got home. G' was so so excited about he whole Halloween thing. She wanted to know when Halloween was going to happen again.


Margaret said...

For sure Obie does not like sticking his hand in that pumpkin. Grace looks like she is so concerned that she get those seeds out right. Talk about a little pig! Adorable!

the style crusader said...

sounds like so much fun stephanie! i was thinking about you guys yesterday! we bought candy and no trick or treaters showed up! this is the first time we haven't gotten any! such a bummer. i love the costumes... they all look great. next year you and mike should dress up too. xx