Monday, May 31, 2010


Our long weekend wasn't too productive. . .we are counting down to the end of Mike's class and he has been busy and exhausted trying to finish his final project. On Saturday, June 5th ant 2:00 am it will be over, and we can't wait. We did try to have a little fun. Saturday we went to a "messy" birthday party. The kids got to paint and play with shaving cream, noodles, water and pudding. Then when we got home I worked in the yard. I've decided to extend the "farm". I've seriously over planted my squash/cucumber garden. . .I just need more land. I do have squash and cucumbers actually growing. My biggest squash is about 4 inches. I also just started my next round of "crops" with my leftover seeds. I've decided to dig up the grass (more like weeds) on the side of our house. Its an area that is about 3 ft. by 30 ft. so that's where my new stuff will go. Pictures to come. . .I dug up the weeds and covered the area with tarps to kill the junk.

Sunday, Obie started feeling sick. He complained of a tummy ache and he had a fever. We thought he was feeling a bit better so in the late afternoon we went to the pool. We all had a great time. . .except for Obie. We didn't stay long. Obie was exhausted and went to bed early.

Monday morning Obie's fever was gone and he seemed better, so off to the pool. We took both cars so I could stay longer with Grace and Mike could take the other two home early and give them naps. (that would also give him so work time). Well when Grace and I went to leave we realized we had a problem. Someone, who will remain nameless, gave us the wrong set of keys. . .we only had the van keys and we did not have the van. Slight problem. So we got a hold of Mike and he was able to get the neighbor to stay with the sleeping kids and then came to drop off the keys. The wait wasn't too bad. Grace and I sat under a tree and played Indian Princess. She ripped off some big leaves and stuck them in our hair. . .which obviously turned us into Indian Princesses. Once we were home we all enjoyed naps, then Mac & Cheese. Overall we had a good weekend. . .but are really looking forward to June. Here is a snapshot of June. . .

-Mike completes Master's Degree
-Babysitter Saturday night to celebrate completion
-Mike's 29th Birthday
-Summer Kick Off BBQ with Friends
-9th Anniversary
-Grace's Swim Lessons
-Stephanie starts water aerobics

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the style crusader said...

stephanie! it sounds like you guys had a good weekend. i am so ready for june too... well, i would quite happily bypass the next two weeks and skip right over to june 17th when all my exams will be over. the next two (ish) weeks are going to be a slight nightmare for me. 2 x 5,000 word essays and 4 exams... arrrgh not fun.

so exciting that mike is just about finished! that is really wonderful news. am sure that will make life a lot more enjoyable for everyone. love the photos, as always.

p.s. water aerobics?! i so want in on that when i'm there... me, you and mom and water aerobics!! yah!! xx