Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The lastest.

Its been a week and I just don't feel like blogging. Really, I just feel like laying in the sun or shopping. Neither are really doable at this moment...sleeping would be nice too but I shouldn't get into the habit of napping or I get angry when a little one decides she doesn't want to nap and then messes up mine. So here I am...updating. 90 degrees. Pretty nice. The pool opens this weekend so hopefully we will get to go. G' and M' had doctors appointments this morning. It was traumatic to say the least. G' got two shots. . .which she was dreading. She didn't want the nurse to touch her and she was sure to make it known. She wasn't very quick to get over it either. G' weighed in at 35 pounds (45%) and measured 41 1/4 inches (80th). She did great following directions and answered everything the nurse asked her. We has has a little test for her two do. Just basic questions, colors, drawings, explaining things. She got all the way up to the 6 year old questions and we ran out of time and didn't finish. She was able to spell her name for the doctor. . .which was a surprise to me. . .she won't let me teach her anything, I just have the make the info available and let her do the rest. So that was pretty impressive. M' did well too. She's are little peanut. Since her last appointment, which was two months ago she hasn't even gained a pound. So she is now a whopping 14 lbs. 9 oz. (25%) and she grew two inches for 26 inches total (50%). All is well with her. Still not sitting by herself yet but she can roll and roll and roll and she has started pushing herself backwards while laying on her stomach. Last Sunday we also had M's baby dedication. She and the other two kids did great at the beginning of the service. (I was loaded with crackers) Then when we had to go up M' was not a happy camper. G' and O' then moved on to bigger and better things and enjoyed the Swedish Fish I had in my pocket. (Be prepared always, that's my motto) So other then the M's screaming during the actual dedication she did great. If her goal was to get attention from the whole church she definitely succeeded.

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Margaret said...

So sorry to hear that Grace had a hard time with her shots. For sure she took after her Aunt Jennifer on that. As for Mattia screaming she TOTALLY has taken after her Aunt Jennifer. Love the pictures, Miss Mattia has the cutest little smile. Now what is up with Obies hair? HUM looks like he had a static attack. Adorable little feet and Grace well it is so funny to see her checking out that "tiny" little fly. Thanks for updating your blog (and giving up that nap)- we have really missed seeing your pictures and hearing what is going on. Love ya!!