Friday, May 28, 2010

Bowl full of cherries, and then some.

A friend has two of the three kids, so M' and I are enjoying a quiet house. So so easy with one baby. . .anyways, we have been enjoying ourselves quite a bit. The morning started off with a few pictures, because a baby's bum is oh so cute, then we went to Lowe's. I bought a dresser for the kids room on craigslist (from a very scary man in the middle of nowhere) and now I need to refinish it. Actually, hopefully soon it will be a nice shade of yellow. We also found a hydrangea for 50% off so we had a little impulsive buy. I already planted it in the front of our porch. . .I'm very tempted to pull up the big ugly bushes and plant hydrangea's everywhere. Seriously. Then we went to the fruit stand. I splurged on my favorite cherries. . .the problem was it there was a little sign that said "you may taste one and only one." So I tasted one. And it was amazing. It brought me back to two lovely memories so I had to get them. $4.99 a pound, so I got a little bag and they were good. Then we came home, M' took a nap, and I had lunch. Now I'm here. Blogging, but soon, very soon I will be enjoying my red, red, cherries.

*the two memories with cherries are. . .

1. Walking the back road in Germany, and picking cherries from random cherry trees with good friends.
2. Mike and I went to Paris before visiting BFA one year. . .I convinced Mike I needed a big bag of cherries, so he bought me one. Then we walked all over, all day long munching on them.
*one side note. . .
If you want old ladies to talk to you. . .wear a baby.


the style crusader said...

haha. first of all - i love that you said 'wear' a baby. second, i'm not a huge fan of cherries - it's not that i don't like, i'd just go for something else at a fruit stand. but i'm thinking maybe this is because all my life growing up you would always ask for the cherries off my things that cherries come on (sundaes etc) and i never had the heart to say no.. i always gave them to you. so maybe i leave the cherries because i want there to be more cherries for you?

p.s. 1st/3rd photo are seriously perfect. xx

Mark said...

Those are some great pictures, Steph.