Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Thumb Me.

Green Thumb Me. Yep. That's right. I'm amazing. Well, not really. I just pretend. Still nothing to eat from our "garden" but I'm hoping. I've never grown anything in my life. . .except weeds. I'm a little worried that if things do grow I might want to become a farmer. We'll see. Here is the progress I've made. . .
Pumpkin (appeared in our compost pile so we officially planted it today)


Margaret said...

Everything looks wonderful! Maybe you do have a green thumb like your grandma!! I see the peonies- my favorite!! Guess living in the middle east you never had many opportunities to grow things- except SAND!! Keep up the great job!! Then when we move there you can teach us all your secrets!! OR better yet show your dad!!

Michael said...

Way to go, Farmer Stephanie, I loved having a vegetable garden. I hope you get some wonderful produce from it. Love, Mom

the style crusader said...

stephanie this is so great! i am seriously impressed. will have to take a photo of our little box of planted herbs that fred is constantly nurturing. i think the farmer bug is contagious - he said to me this morning 'let's just go be farmers. let's doo itttttt!!!' i was like, ummm i don't want to be a farmer. i think planting things can make you go a bit farmer-crazy. anyway, they look wonderful! well done!

Anonymous said...

Wow. From seeds? The melon looks just lovely.


Juanita said...

I can't see Jenny be a farmer.NOWAY!!! Your Aunt Mary Ann is the farmer.Go Stephy!!!! Looking Good.Maybe you have a green thumb like your Grandma Poole.