Friday, January 23, 2009

My favorites. . .

Well this was going to be things I love in the cold but I threw in the compose can. It doesn't need to be cold for that but I do love it. I also love our new speakers that has an ipod doc. I don't know anything about ipods but Mike got an application where it connects to internet radio and plays it through the speakers. You pick the type of music and it plays it, just like that. No commericals, no changing CDs, and no memorizing the order of songs on CDs. I love it.

itouch with the pandora application.

This was a Christmas present. Its lined with some super soft furry stuff. Warm and cozy and it can be worn over anything. I love it.

This was a splurge since they never go on sale, but they are great. My feet are always warm on our freezing cold wooden and tile floors.

This is my compost can I have beside the sink. We don't have a garbage grinder thingy in the sink so I just scrap the plates into this and then dump it outside in our pile. There is also a carbon filter so it doesn't smell.

Flannel Sheets. I thought I would hate these but the are the best things ever. The bed is always warm to get into and my PJs don't stick to them like I thought they would.

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The Taylors said...

That's funny! I just noticed your blog on facebook and decided to take a look too! You have such a cute family! Ya, it's been pretty rough having to be inside all the time. I can't wait till the weather really warms up for good. That always puts me in a better mood!