Thursday, January 8, 2009


Grace blowing out Jesus' Birthday cake.

Ella and Grace jumping on the hotel bed.

Sand. . .I think this was before he put a handful in his mouth.

Tacos with her cousins.

First time at the beach in California.

Seeing Santa. . .well kind of.

In complete ahhh.


Obie turns 1.

Man, I forgot how warm it stays there. . .60s seemed so warm now but I remember when we lived there we longed for the 60s to come so we could wear a sweater. Our visit was fast. We zoomed around trying to see all of our friends and family that we haven't seen for so long. Although we only got short visits with each of them the moments will be treasured. It was so fun to sit and catch up, see how people have changed and how families have grown. Here are some favorites from our trip. . .they are some memories we will never forget.

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Rantipole15 said...

That picture of Obie zonked out in Santa's arms is hilarious!