Friday, January 30, 2009

My Accomplishments.

So, I don't accomplish anything too amazing but I have been doing something. It the past week or two here is what I have done. . .(just so you know this isn't everything, just a few things I happen to be proud of.


I made Mike some lunches- Whole grain/flax seed pasta (From Trader Joe's .49 cents) with Parmesan cheese, garlic and mushrooms.
I organized our messy closet in the living room. (My new door shelf, that was 30% off)
I sold a stack of 36 boxes that we used to move here almost 5 years ago. (Boeing paid for the boxes and I sold all 36 for $40)
I cleaned up too many messes to count.
I served 165 seniors at a BINGO that my work does.
I bought a pattern online for a reversible kids skirt for $8. I've never really sewn but thought it was cute and figured I could give it a try. (If it doesn't work, I'll email it to my Mom and let her do it. :)
I survived and am signing on for another week.

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