Friday, June 26, 2009

Whats the point?

So last night while I was at work I was hungry. There was no food to be found but I found some sodas. All different kinds. Anyways I attempted to make a "good" decision and I choose the Caffeine Free Diet Coke. I decided on that on because I figured I didn't want or need the extra calories and I had already had coffee that morning. . .Then I started thinking about it after I had gulped down the first half. If I'm not drinking it for the sugar and I'm not drinking it for the caffeine benefits why am I really drinking this stuff. Its not like it tastes very good and its not that I'm really thirsty. Really all it is is a can of chemical stuff with nothing good in it. No sugar and no caffeine. It filled me up a little but I suppose water could have done the same thing. . .why would anyone buy that stuff and drink it?!?!? Just so you know I only finished half and then decided I was done with Caffeine free diet Coke.


Juanita said...

I only drink them every once in awhile.I think they are to sweet.I usually drink WATER!!!!!

kate said...

Lol, the only soda I drink (and not often at that) is diet ginger ale for the flavor. Occasionally I'll bust out Diet Sprite for an upset stomach. But water is always best. Now if they made ginger flavored water, I think I'd be in heaven.