Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday. . .

Resting in the Butterfly House.

Inside the Butterfly House.

Surrounded by HUGE Cockroaches.

MIKE! 28 isn't so bad. . .but you know its down hill from here. :) Todays Mike was able to take off work for his birthday. . .the rain changed our plans a little but all worked out great so far. We started off with French Toast at home, then we took Grace back to the doctor to make sure the infection was gone for good, then we went to this new Bistro place in Nordstroms for a late afternoon soup break. I was hungry and currently I am addicted to soup. After that we went to the Butterfly House. None of us had ever been there before and it was amazing. So many more butterflies then we expected. After that we cooled of with SnoCones from Heaven. . .actually they are from a place called SnoBizz but they are so good they could be from heaven. . .now we wait for the BBQ and hopefully we won't be rained out. . .Ribs, mmmmmm. More to come, but that was the beginning of our wonderful Birthday celebration for Mike.

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