Saturday, June 27, 2009

Facts about today. . .

-It was hot today.
-To0 hot to use the free Cardinal tickets Mike got from work.
-Too hot for anyone to take them from us.
-New underware for Grace & Obie (I put Grace's underware on Obie the other day because she wasn't listening and thought if I threatened to give them to Obie she would jump at the opportunity to take them. . .well Obie loved the Elmo panties on over his pants, played outside in them and went into the closet the next day to wear them again. . .then cried when I told him they were dirty. Obie got Elmo "underware" from Target just for fun. . .not "panties.")
-Chick-Fil-A for lunch
-I cooked dinner: Salmon, whole grain rice and broccoli. . . the kids ate it. . .with a Popsicle bribe.
-Obie took a bath naked in our little purple pool in the backyard. . .it wasn't my idea. . .Mike was multitasking.
-I organized the bins of kid clothes that we are holding onto until we are done with kids. . .and i got rid of a bunch.
-I wore shorts today.
-Mike's toes are green. . .from mowing.
-There is nothing on T.V.
-I've had the urge to buy fruit and vegetables. . .our fridge is full. . .now I have to eat them.
-I'm easily annoyed. . .by anything. . .everything.
-Upstairs is too hot.
-Grace isn't sleeping with a diaper tonight. . .spare sheets standing by. . .hopefully we won't need them.
-Doctor's appointment Tuesday. . .I think I gained 7 pound total. . .according to the Wii. . .according to the Dr. . .hum. . .we'll see.
-New favorite item: Greenpan from Target; nothing sticks AT ALL and they are super easy to use.
-I learned not be buy Aero Blow Up beds anywhere but Costco; $220 vs. $85.

I think that's about it. A bit of my day and a bit of my opinion.


jennifer said...

sorry to hear it is unbearably hot. that is too funny that obie wore grace's underwear on the outside of his pants!! i guess he is following in his father's outlandish fashion sense. i would be worried if i were you...

kimaBannon said...

outlandish!!! The word you are looking for is revolutionary. Except I don't wear Stephanie's underwear outside my clothes.

Fred said...

hmmm... I can see this two shirts and underwear over shorts taking off in a big way