Monday, February 16, 2009

My 25 Random things. . .finally.

Ok, so here is my attempt at the Randomness that has been going on. . .

1. I don't like people to tell me what or how to do things unless I ask or hint that I want to know.
2. I hate, yes hate, those little mind game puzzle things. You know that little metal or wooden puzzles at are impossible to figure out. After 30 seconds I seriously want to throw it.
3. I love to sleep.
4. I do not like the extreme cold or the extreme heat. . .both make me very angry.
5. I don't like to read and I don't like detailed stories. . .I just want the point.
6. I always go to bed with my socks on and take them off under the blankets, leaving a pile of them at the bottom of the mattress. They eventually fall between the sheet and the end of the mattress and I forget about them until I change the sheets.
7. I don't like being touched by things in the shower. I mean walls, shower curtians, hoses or whatever. If they touch me I need to rinse off again before stepping out.
8. I love avocados. I don't know what it is. . .they don't really taste like much and they are a little smooshy but I could eat them until I got sick.
9. I used to listen to my walkman and sing and then make Jenny tell me how great a singer I was. I also used to have her tell me that if I became famous and made a tape that she would buy a bunch of them. . .just so we all know the truth; I can't sing.
10. I never liked school. . .well the classes anyways. My favorite subject was P.E.
11. At BFA I had a rope later hanging from my balcony. . .I'll never tell you if I used it either.
12. I attempt to be "green" but really am not. . .
13. I would rather not use bar soap. In fact, if there was bar soap and no soap I'd rather use none. I like the liquid stuff.
14. One of my biggest fears is being stuck in a burning fire.
15. I think I might have read one book that was assigned throughout highschool. . .I never read the short stories or the C.A. books.
16. I didn't want to go to college. . .I just wanted to get married and have kids. . .although I never really use my degree I'm glad I have it.
17. I once went 60 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, got pulled over and didn't get a ticket.
18. It's impossible for me to hang a bunch of picutres randomly on a wall. They always end up with some kind of balanced order. . .I've attempted many times.
19. I used to take my dog in the bathtub with me so she could swim. (this was a long time ago. . .I think I was 10. . .really)
20. I don't like to dust.
21. I once drove 3 hours to an outlet mall (in Las Vegas) and 3 hours back (to L.A.) with a friend just for the day.
22. I'm scared of the waterslides that drop straight down. When I worked at Day Camp the 2nd graders would try to get me to go and I would refuse.
23. My fingers are double jointed.
24. I have always wanted to go to Morocco.
25. I once ate sea urchin and thought I was going to vomit all over the Sushi Bar.

There you go. . .25 random things.


Margaret said...

Miss Stephanie,
You sure do know yourself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I love you for being you even if you don't want me to tell you what to do or what I think. Even though you don't want me to do that, I love being your mom. Thanks for being you!
Hugs and Kisses,

Michael said...

That was a great idea to share those randon things about yourself. I am so glad for who you are and every glimpse makes me appreciate you all the more. Love you, Mom B.