Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

For being a Monday we were actually quite productive. I have this theory. . .if I wear slippers or go barefoot I feel like I should do what I want to do, relax, watch t.v. or whatever but if I have my super sneakers on I am like Super Woman. Its amazing! I don't think its a conscious thing either; it just happens. Today I wore my supper sneakers and I made the bed, did all the laundry and put almost all of it away, made super, did arts and crafts with the kids, straightened Grace's hair (her request), sewed some curtains for under the counter, did the dishes. . .and I'm sure the list goes on. You should try it. Wear your super sneakers all day long and just see what happens, you might just be amazed.


jennifer said...

this is really exciting. i don't know if i have super sneakers but i definitley need to get some because i need to get a lot done.
p.s. how cute is grace with straight hair?? please take more pictures of her like this so i can get a good look. love you guys!

Sarita said...

hey what happened to Grace's hair? Did you straighten it or what?