Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday MaMa!!!!

Happy Birthday MaMa! Congrats for making it this far. . .you've had a bunch of crazies to put up with (I won't mention who they are ha, ha) and you still have made it! From looking back it looks like you have had quite the life with your many travels and even more fun visits. We are sad we can't celebrate this fun day with you. . .Grace would love to give you a pink cup cake and a crown. . .but that will have to wait until June. We have all enjoyed and are thankful to be part of your life and wouldn't trade you for anything. May there be many many more birthdays and hopefully one day we will be able to celebrate one of them with you. We all love you and Happy Birthday to the best MaMa and NaNa ever!


Juanita said...

Happy Birthday Sis,

Love you,

Jennifer said...

i like the photo of grace and mom with the icecream. very nice.