Monday, October 10, 2011

Before and Afters

The fondue night was a success. We had plenty of food and plenty of people. . .although they didn't consume as much as they should have. We have so many leftovers. Here are some house pictures. They are before and after pictures. We have been here for about 1 1/2 months now. I was able to get everything pretty cleaned up but we are still lacking that "homey" feel.
Playing with modeling clay when I was trying to get stuff cleaned up.
Fondue pots. We had 7 total. . .4 with cheese and 3 with chocolate.
First kitchen picture is of it semi cleaned up. . .ingredients are all on the counter.
Messy Kitchen.
Messy Kitchen and Messy Kids.
Cleaned Living Room.
Messy Living Room.
Cleaned Dining Room.
Box infested dining room.
Semi Cleaned up Bedroom.
Super messy bedroom.
Cleaned up 2nd living room.
Messy 2nd living room.

So that is pretty much the house so far. You are missing the upstairs kids room (there are three rooms up stairs) and the bathrooms. There is one full bath upstairs, a full bath in our room and then a half bath in the hallway by the kitchen. So there you have it.

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the style crusader said...

These are amazing!! What lens are you using? Can't wait to steal it in December.