Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Randomness.

-We have now officially been married 9 years as of Monday.
-Brazilian BBQs are yummy.
-M' is almost 7 months old and can now almost sit by herself. She trys to lean back a little, loses her balance and falls straight back.
-O' is pretty much officially potty trained. He just wears a diaper at nap time and bedtime. . .and only wets it about half the time.
-Target boy underwear fall apart when washed.
-G' is not a fan of VBS. . .until she is bribed with McDonald's afterwards if she gets a good report from the teachers.
-Mike is working working working (20 hrs. of overtime since last week). . .and has a business trip next week.
-O' wants to go to VBS.
-G' starts swim lessons next week.
-145.7 as of this morning. 2 1/2 weeks until the official weigh in on July 4th.
-Water aerobics is still fun.
-Summer BBQ Saturday.
-Free Highlights for me. . .and I don't have strips this time.
-Errands are so much faster with only two kids.
-The house is a complete mess.
-Our room is half way painted so the kids can move in. . .bayside blue & lime moose. . .pictures to come.
-My garden is doing great.
-My red toenail polish has been on way too long.
-Pool water is much warmer if you are moving around.
-M' can now get up on her hands and knees and she can spin herself in a circle. She is also really good and the yoga position "downward dog."
-O' doesn't like black anything.
-Juma needs to be shaved.
-I'm not a fan of humidity.
-Avocados have about 275 calories and I could eat them all day long.
-Tonight=Yard Work. (its long overdue)
-Chocolate syrup over cut up strawberries and banana is really good.


Margaret said...

Sounds like the "chocolate syrup-strawberries with banana" are going to help dad win the race :) Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated!!

the style crusader said...

stephanie, i am totally with you on the avocados. i am obsessed with them. mmm... with lemon juice, soy sauce, and some chili, all mashed up and then spread over good bread. seriously i am addicted to the stuff. it may be 275 calories... but it's 275 VERY good ones. xx