Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Mike took the morning off and was greeted by two little ones, me and some a new assortment of coffees and teas. Grace & Obie were so excited to sing happy birthday. After Mike got up I made french toast (with homemade bread), with strawberries and maple syrup. After breakfast we went to a lake that is close to our house. Initially the plan was to bike around the lake, and then we realized there was no way to fit all the kids and us on the bikes. Grace rode and we walked. . .well kind of. . .we didn't get very far. Grace and Obie were more interested in playing in the sand and water. Obie ended up "wadding" a little too far and totally feel in. He was able to get to his feet but he scared himself pretty bad. Instead of walking back he just stood there screaming, waving his arms. . .all while we stood on the side screaming for him to come back. After the traumatic experience we enjoyed our picnic we had brought. The sky was getting darker and darker so we decided to finish the trip with some boba tea. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. When we got home they napped and Mike went to work. While Mike was at work I did my last minute wrapping and got dinner ready. After dinner we opened a few presents had mint ice cream cake from Coldstone's. It also happened to be the first night of water aerobics so at 7:00pm I had to leave. . .so that was our birthday celebration. Low key but so much fun.


the style crusader said...

ok so two things:
1. i want some french toast made with home made bread. those look so good!
2. obie in shorts is the cutest thing ever. xx

Margaret said...

Oh how I want to hold that little Mattia- nothing like having a little love all asleep on your shoulder. Obie is as cute as ever in his little shorts and Miss Grace looks like she is getting into trouble. The french toast looks YUMMY- your home made bread looks AWESOME!! Hope you are still cooking away when we come in August. Miss you guys!