Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Obie!

Today Obie is 2. Pretty unbelievable. He got a doughnut with sprinkles and candles for breakfast and for dinner we plan to go to Red Robin. That was Grace's idea. . .she told us we should go there since they sing Happy Birthday and give you a balloon. So that's the plan. On Saturday we will have a real birthday party. . .we decided to wait until then since Jenny and Fred will be here. For that we will go to Chuck E Cheeses and then come home for some ice cream and cake. Obie has requested an Elmo cake so I need to formulate a plan for that. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully the Elmo cake will actually resemble Elmo and the red frosting won't be too horrible.


the style crusader said...

happy birthday obie!

Juanita said...

Happy Birtday Obie!!!!

At the grocery store where I work you can oder a cake with Elmo on it.