Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did I Mention. . .

Christmas is so much more fun with kids. This morning our plan was to decorate the tree. We woke up and to my surprise. . .I was very surprised. . .there was snow on the ground. It was only 8:30am. but Mike and Grace pulled on their warmest clothes and rushed out. After attempting to make a snowman, digging with garden shovels and making snow angels they headed inside. We had breakfast, decorated the tree, wore Santa hats. . .the dogs even got on from Grace. . .and went to Barnes and Noble for some "out of the house" time.

Cute Story: After decorating the tree Grace told us to line up. We didn't know what she was talking about but we followed directions. Grace was in the middle and Mike and I on either side. She then insisted we sing. "Sing Tree, Sing Tree Song!" We tried not to laugh but smiled and sang "Oh Christmas Tree." We weren't sure that was what she was wanting but gave it a try. With a huge smile she chimmed in with us. . .none of us really knew the words. . .but we tried, and thats all that mattered to her. She was so proud.

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Rantipole15 said...

You are so right. Brahm isn't even old enough to notice Christmas and already I'm more excited about it than I've been since I was a kid! I can't wait till he's big enough to line us up and demand "O Christmas Tree". :) I love reading about you and your family! Congrats on hosting Thanksgiving, I'm very impressed. :)