Tuesday, March 29, 2011

19 weeks & a side note

Ahhhhh. . .taking this picture was torturous. The kids were running around like crazy and wouldn't stop poking at me. Anyways, this week my legs/hips have been so achy. I think I'm up about 10 pounds. Tonight is the big ultrasound. We aren't finding out what it is but I'll be looking and paying attention to how it goes. I'll give you my best guess later.

On another note; this year is kind of a big one for us. Both Mike and I turn 30. I already did and Mike turns 30 in June. It June we will also be married for 10 years. So because of all those milestones we decided we should take a special trip. My mom will be watching the kids, and Friday we will fly to Cozumel, Mexico for 5 nights. It will be the first time we have left all the kids over night with someone. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and everyone will make it through. . .

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The Taylors said...

That's is so exciting to take a trip by yourselves! 10 years is awesome! It really does fly by. I still can't believe you are pregnant! That is pretty dang exciting too and I love the fact that you aren't finding out, but you will still look and try to guess yourself. Awesome!