Monday, January 10, 2011

Whirlwind. . .

Ah. Its been a month. A crazy month. O' turned 3 right before Christmas, then for Christmas we drove to New Jersey. Mike's parents are back raising support so we were able to spend Christmas with them, Nate & Jessica and Krista. While we were there we got about 9 inches of snow. The kids enjoyed building a snowfort and playing in the snow. . .well, actually, Mike, Nate and Krista enjoyed building the snowfort and the kids played along. We had a great time. The trip was long (we drove 16 hrs. each way) but it was worth it and we had a blast.

Here are some updates:
-M' is walking.
-Obie is three
-I have 5 weddings booked for this year
-house is still on the market
-we have a contract in on a new house so we are just waiting to sell ours
-Mike has been watching the kids so I can clean for open houses on the weekend. . .McDonald's ice cream dates!
-G' still loves school and art
-M' is starting to say more words and seems to only call me Mama half the time. . .the rest of the time she calls me Dada. (We are working on that)
-O' has been sick twice in the past month throwing up

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the style crusader said...

so glad to hear/see an update! we miss you guys. the photos look so fun. everybody (well, your kids) are looking so grown up. congratulations on having all the weddings booked (2nd shooter over here... did I call it first? if so, does shotgun apply to wedding photography?).

love you guys. x