Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Baby Boy is 3!

Obie turned 3 on December 14th. We went to a huge indoor playground and had a party there. It was a great success and he was so excited. We had pizza, presents, dinosaur cake and got to play. There were a total of 10 kids along with their parents. Obie enjoyed every minute of it and now wants to know what he can do for his next birthday. He picked out the cake pan and I decorated it for him. I'm not so sure about he taste of the super green frosting but it looked good. As I was decorating it Obie stood on a chair watching me. Every once in a while he would let out a "Wow" or "Oh" it was great and I had so much fun doing it for him.

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the style crusader said...

the cake looks amazing stephanie! great reaction he made while you were making it! i guess when he likes it that much - the taste of the frosting is bearable!

Happy Birthday Obie!
love you guys. xx