Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wee bit busy. . .

So things are a bit crazy and time seems to be passing so so quickly. Here is what is going on in our house. . .

-M' turns 1 in a week
-Looking into selling our house
-Looking into houses to buy
-Getting ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas
-O' turns 3 in one month
-Pictures Pictures. . .of everyone else. I have been averaging 4 sessions a month. This month I have 5 sessions and a wedding to assist with
-Fixing stuff around the house before we put ours on the market
-Mike has been busy at work
-Taking care of kids. . .G' has her own agenda, O' seems to have entered his terrible twos late and M' can move fast. Mike took a "Mom's Mental Health Day" yesterday aka "sick day" to help me out and get a few things done. (don't worry. . .we love our kids they are just being extra challenging at the moment, I guess this means it will be extra rewarding when they start doing better. . .and they will)

I think thats about it. See, a little bit busy.


Margaret said...

The kids will start being better- seems they all want to have their moments. Guess Obie has realized that Grace is in school now and he can have his own little moments (of being in charge). You are a very BUSY mom of 3. Wish I could be there to help you out- will miss cooking Thanksgiving for you all! Mike thanks for being such a wonderful husband! Love ya! Mom

Poole Family said...

Love the pictures! Happy Early Birthday Mattia! We will also miss having Thanksgiving with you all, and all of the fun times like last year! Love, Hannah

Michael said...

I love the pictures. Thanks for the update. I wish we were able to have Thanksgiving with you. We will miss you very much! So glad we'll be together for Christmas! Love you all very much, Wawa

Sarita said...

hey! happy thanksgiving ... a bit late... kids are looking so big and cute! lots of hugs from all of us!