Friday, May 16, 2008

Food Share #4

Veggies are suppose to start next week. I guess the famers have had a late start planting stuff due to lots of wind and rain. I like the stuff we got. . .now if Mike could actually start chewing we could enjoy a little more of it. He doesn't want to miss out so I'm being nice and waiting to use some of it.
Jelly (the best ever; I've already used half of it)
Rice (we traded our coffee this week for another bag of rice)
Goat Cheese
Wheat tortillas
Black Beans
Ground Pork
One of the ladies in charge also brought me some Bath Soak Stuff, Moisture/Relaxing Oil and some Mint Chapstick. Natural ingredients of course. . .just to say thanks for being the pickup site. That was nice and the stuff smells pretty good. There was also some left over stuff so we got and extra cheese, bread and meat this week.

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kate said...

Hey there. I got your comment about cars. I love my Scion. I really do. It's small, easy to parallel park, gas efficient, cool layout, nice features, easy to see everything because you sit higher in it than a regular sedan, etc. But it is really small (a kid and groceries would not fit together), the air conditioning isn't the best which I've only recently figured out because I never used it before, and if you put any weight in it, it loses a lot of peppiness. We looked at the Yaris first but didn't like the feel of it and it was about $10,000 more for the simplest model than the Scion fully loaded. I'm a bit sad that the Xterra is so huge. I love the rugged look of it; it seems comparable to a land rover and that's what made me want it. But it's just not reasonable for us at this point. But the Rogue isn't a bad back up. :)